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Directions to the Clinic


46 Foam St, Elwood but access to the clinic is from a blue coble stone alleyway at the back (see video below).

How do I get to the clinic?

If you park on Foam St, walk back to Ormond Road (the main road, where the roundabout is), walk towards the shops and there should be a blue cobblestone street with no name. There is a bus stop just before the street (on the corner). Head down that street and the clinic is about 3/4 of the way down on the left (See pics). You’ll see my logo on the wall, my car with red number plates, and my garage with red ivy growing all on it (see pic). You’ll see the gate, open that at the time of your appointment and walk through. It’s the first door on the left.
















What’s around?

It’s right near the start of the Ormond Rd shops, near the café Plain Sailing.

There are many cafes and shops if you’re early or if you have dropped off a loved one and need to wait.

Plain Sailing has decent coffee and spaces to do some work.

Wood Frog Bakery has really crunchy sourdough Baguette, as well as nice croissants.  

If you don’t mind walking 10-15 mins up to the junction and was something sweet, Elwood Patisserie & Bakery has good Vanilla Slices.



There is 2-hour parking on Foam St. If that’s all taken you will find parking on the adjacent streets. One side requires a permit and one side is 2-hour so please be careful and look at the signs.

Public Transport?


  • 600, 606, 922, 923 (They stop just outside the street)

  • 630 (Elsternwick Park; 300m/5 min walk)

  • 246 (Elwood Junction; 1km/13 min walk)


  • Elsternwick Station (1.4km/18 min walk)


  • Tram 67, Stop - Hotham St/Brighton Rd (1.1km/14 min walk)

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