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  • Where is the clinic located?
    Andrew works out of a home clinic in Elwood on Foam St. It's close to the Ormond Road shops. The exact address is provided once you make a booking. This helps to ensure his privacy. :)
  • How long are the sessions?
    Each session lasts 50 minutes, which allows your psychologist 10 minutes of time to write up appropriate notes before the next session begins.
  • I'd like some infomation about Telehealth consults.
    What is telehealth? Telehealth sessions are similar to face-to-face sessions, with the only difference being that they are either via a video (eg. Zoom) or voice call. Why would I want a telehealth consult? There are several reasons why people might preffer Telehealth consults over face-to-face consults. Clients find Telehealth to be a convenient and safe way to do therapy. They enjoy the convenience of therapy in their own home, and without the travel time. Other clients appreciate that they can still obtain acess to a quality mental health service, regardless of where they are in Australia. Telehealth also allows clients who are concerned about their health to reduce their risk of exposure to COVID-19. How does it work? Your will need a computer or a smartphone to access a Telehealth appointment. After booking your appointment, you will receive an email with your scheduled appointment time and a link to access the appointment. When your appointment time arrives, simply click on the link and a program will open. Follow the prompts and your session will begin. Your psychologist should appear in your browser window, like a normal video call. They will introduce themselves and begin the session.
  • Will I get a rebate from the Government?
    Yes, if you obtain a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP before you come in, you will get a approximately $90 back from Medicare. This means that the government will cover ~$90 of your consult. You are eligible for 10 subsidised sessions in one calendar year. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us.
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